Conference Accessibilité et patrimoine – Bruxelles

Tourism is seen as an important source of growth for the economy in Europe. Investments in this sector to improve accessibility benefit everyone in the near future and result in an improvement of the inclusion of persons with disability in society. The aim of this conference is to tackle the issue of accessible tourism dealing with the challenges of protecting the historical heritage and providing accessibility for all.
The discussion will be based on the example of the League of Accessible and Historical Cities, a practical and innovative project carried out in the framework of the European Foundation Centre Consortium of Foundations on Human Rights and Disability, implemented in 6 European cities where 11 foundations are collaborating with local and national authorities, civil society, architects and experts to improve the accessibility and protect the historical heritage.
The conference will focus on 4 particular aspects (services, partnerships, cultural heritage, technology solutions), each of them will be discussed by experts in a specific panel. Local and regional authorities’ representatives and other professional working in the sector will be invited to enrich the discussion and to give their perspectives and example in this field.