The concept of a seamless access journey (in French “la chaîne du déplacement”, which could be translated as “the complete mobility sequence”) is the cornerstone of French access policies and regulations. Which are the tools at our disposal to build accessibility? How do we talk about access and its importance today? We aim to contribute some responses to these questions, through seminars with accessibility and heritage experts and the MA students at the Ecole de design Nantes-Atlantique

The resources section brings aims to bring together tools for:

  • project management : the overall approach, (inter-disciplinary) cross-sector processes, teaching, user consultation (planned), etc …
  • an inclusive design approach, responsive to users with a visual impairment, hearing impairment, learning disability or mobility difficulties (planned)
  • and develop a focus on key-topics for the project, such as signage and a building’s entry (planned), etc.