Kunsthaus KAT18

KAT18 conjures up the feeling of an inclusive Gesamtkunstwerk. It took a number of ingredients to make this low budget projet an unusual success.

The wall of Ávila

Mediaeval city walls surrounding an historic city in central Spain, where the motto “Accessibility and Inclusion” has been adopted by the municipality as a key social and economic driver.
les remparts d'Avila

Universal Design Living Lab

Home adaptation and accessibility for historical urban houses. This case-study shows the succesful restoration and renovation of a typical early twentieth century Belgian urban terraced house (row house).

Fort Napoleon

From an inaccessible military bastion to an iconic accessible socio-cultural space.
Fort Napoleon. Aerial view.

Neues Museum

The Master Plan for the valorisation of the Museumsinsel (2000-2025) includes an underground "archeological promenade" which will link four of the five museums on the island...

Bauska Castle

Two strategic interventions created physical access to the castle and its new museum for visitors with mobility difficulties, while substantially preserving historic authenticity and heritage attractiveness.

Boston architectural college

This project profoundly re-interrogates accessibility, which is no longer considered as a constraint, but as a lever for the valorisation of heritage and uses of space.

Château de Sainte-Suzanne

The Château de Sainte Suzanne harbours several remarkable access features (signage, models, guided tours, exhibition displays).